Small-Town Values. We’re a 35,339 sq ft facility located right in your backyard, bringing small-town values while tackling any size project. Overview of facility in Huntington, IN.
We're Known for Our Nimble Capabilities

Lime City Manufacturing is a manufacturer of stamped metal components, terminals, brackets, automotive chassis parts, and other precision metal products. Founded in 1941, Lime City Manufacturing has been a staple of manufacturing in Northeastern Indiana for over 80 years. Customers include major companies in the automotive, construction, agriculture, marine, and railroad industries.

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Fitting Your Custom Needs

Being in the industry for over 80 years, we know something about manufacturing stamped metal components. Our streamlined structure and processes allow us to be nimble and highly reactive to customer demand. Working in various industries, including automotive, off-road, recreation, electrical, and more, we're able to meet your business needs while maintaining small-town values with big business results.

Fitting Your Custom Needs

Large or Small Quantity, Always Top Quality